Nightlife: Top 10…

The moment you hear your new favourite band for the very first time.

The List

  • 1: Heat it Up
  • 2: Seductive Sips
  • 3: Radiant Beauty
  • 4: Towering Passion
  • 5: Let Love Glide, Twirl and Spin
  • 6: For Music Lovers
  • 7: Let the Good Times Roll
  • 8: Love a Laugh
  • 9: Midnight Magic Hour
  • 10: Late Night Bites

1. Heat it Up

Try a couples’ cooking class and get your hands dirty together at The Cookbook Company or on SAIT’s downtown Culinary Campus. From basic bread making to exotic Thai, both locations feature guest chefs and couples’ nights sure to stir a soulful swoon.

2. Seductive Sips

Get your sexy on and enjoy some of the best cocktails in the city at atmospheric bars like newly opened Proof Cocktail Bar, Cannibale, or the Bourbon Room. Step into Offcut Bar before or after a delectable dinner at it’s counterpart, The Nash, where celebrated mixologist and sommelier Lauren Mote has spearheaded their cocktail program. For a more intimate setting, Wine-Ohs has an extensive award-winning wine list that is sure to cater to any wine palate.

3. Radiant Beauty

Nothing sets hearts aglow like fireworks. If you’re in Calgary in August, book an evening at one of five nights of spectacular pyro musical performances at Global Fest. Stroll the international food pavilions, cozy into the hillside, and let the sparks fly.

4. Towering Passion

Take love to new heights with an elevator ride to the top of the Calgary Tower’s observation deck for the best views of the city. Test your will on the glass floor gangway, before slipping upstairs to dine at the Sky360 restaurant. Watch the sun go down over the Rockies and the city skyline twinkle with its new LED lighting as the restaurant turns a full 360 degrees on the hour.

5. Let Love Glide, Twirl and Spin

Rent a pair of skates and practice your figure eights on the Bowness Park Lagoon. Surrounded by tall snow dusted trees, you’ll feel like you’re skating in an enchanted forrest. Grab a hot chocolate at the Parkside Cafe to warm up! The park is open in the summer for boating, mini-golf, and BBQs.

6. For Music Lovers

Calgary is boasting with great music, from the 250-piece orchestra performance of the Calgary Philharmonic to the fun and quirky Cowtown Opera Company. Experience the best in live music from local and visiting musicians at old favourites like the Ironwood, The Blues Can and The Palomino. You can also explore some of the lesser known venues such as jazz nights at The Oakroom, folk-pop at Raw Bar, and local music at the newly re-opened Vendome Cafe.

7. Let the Good Times Roll with a Bowl

Get retro at National Bowl , an 8-lane bowling alley on the lower level of National on 10th. Modern with just the right amount of carnival kitsch, the space adds spice with its menu of Mexican food and cocktails. Each lane can accommodate groups of up to 8 people and for planned gatherings, there’s a party menu available. There’s plenty of laughs and fond memories to be made at National on 10th.

8. Love a Laugh

For comedy lovers, the best places to be for touring stand-ups are Laugh Shop at the Hotel Blackfoot and Yuk Yuk’s in The Elbow River Casino. Just a block from the Victoria Park C-train Station and Stampede Park, The Elbow River Casino combines comedy venues with gaming and dining under one fanciful roof. On the way to Yuk Yuk’s, stop off and try your hand at Blackjack. Who knows? You might get lucky.

9. Midnight Magic Hour

Pack a knapsack, a camera, and a thermos of hot coffee and set out to climb Nose Hill or Scotsman Hill early in the morning. Envelop yourself with the sound of grasshoppers teeming in the grass, a lucky sighting of a deer, and settle in to watch the sun rise over the Calgary skyline. Peaceful, serene, and some say, spiritual.

10. Late Night Bites

After enjoying a live show, a sports game or a night on the dance floor, rest assured there are still plenty of quality options available for a late night feast, with some of the city’s favourite  restaurants serving until late, including Anju, Market, Clive Burger and Kensington Brasserie.

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